POS for Vape Stores

POS for Vape Stores

The Smarter Way to Grow Your Business!


Highly Customisable

Add images to your products, separate them into categories and arrange them on the screen as you wish.

Intelligent Reporting

Manage and keep a record of all of your orders with the easy and simple to use table management. Perfect for Café’s that offer seating for their customers.You can layout the tables on the POS to replicate your physical space and the table open till the end.

Inventory Management

The inventory management allows business owners and managers to keep track of their inventory and ensure that they are always on the ball from wherever they are. Access the system from the personalised back-end console.


Receipts are now a thing of the past thanks to electronic receipts. We designed a dedicate system that stores your customers receipts in an online secure portal, which they can access at any point on any device. They can view, download and print whenever they want to so that you can save paper and do your bit for the eco friendly movement.

Work Offline

Switch seamlessly from the cloud to a fully functioning off-line mode. Keep your business operational without an internet connection. The intelligent system will keep your data safe and sync with the server once new connection is established

UK Support

Vapexact is the only UK based POS systems provider that offers on-line and phone support in the UK. This means you can talk to someone who understands your issues and queries.

Complete Hardware and Software Solution

From Vape Stores, Restaurants to Food Trucks, Boutiques to Nail bars,  we offer a solution that works with and for your business.

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